Friday, September 24, 2010

My first blog

My first blogging adventure. Oh boy do I have a lot to write, but not all in one sitting, no no, that would be too much!

We start today with me. I am a simple boy with simple pleasures. I work two part time jobs, one I love, and one I dislike very much so. I'll let you figure out which ones. One is a job at a store called Leaps and Bones where we sell everything a dog does not really need, but the owners want to buy them. I see tons of different folk coming in. From the "I just want dog treats" people, to the people who buy sweaters,jackets,bedding,toys,treats,and specialty treats from our cold bakery case. This job has really opened my eyes to amount of people who really care about their animals, and want to love them unconditionally as if they were children.
My other job is being an "everything" clerk at a grocery store. This particular store has really dicked me around, I went from part time, to full time, and back to part time once again. The reasoning is because they wanted to transfer me from a store about 5 minuets from home, to a store that was a little more than an hour away from my home. My only choice was to go part time again so I didn't loose the job.

More about me, lets see....I am a gay male who lives with his parents (LAME). I want to try and go back to school for Energy Healing and Holistic Healing. The beauty that comes out of an energy field and aura around the body is simply amazing. I will update more about these adventures as they happen.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LADY GAGA, and her music is the inspiration for who I have become and what I do. A lot of people say she is a Madonna/Bowie/Prince sell out, however she is not. She is original, she is herself, she is beautiful and talented. The overwhelming presence she has is amazing. At her concert last week, I was so over come with emotion, I missed the first two songs because I was crying, unlike the thousands around me that were screaming her name and "FUCK YEAH"ing. I am currently reading a biography on her life titled "Pokerface: The Rise and Rise of Lady GaGa" This book does not only delve into how Stefani Germonatta became Lady GaGa, but how Stefani, the girl, grew up. If anyone is interested it is by Maureen Callahan.

I have so much more to write, but I must get ready to go to the doctor, and then meet my cousin for lunch before I work the dog store tonight. More on my cousin and our odd relationship (non-incestual, I promise) on later blogs.

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  1. YAY! I'm your first follower!! and btw, the "kids" loved the treats..I don't think I can afford gourmet dog biscuits all the time but for special occasions it will do..and best of luck with blogging